What is an NICB Record?


I wondered that too until I decided to find out.    Some history of US Government Recordkeeping is appropriate at this point in the discussion.


Through government rule making (starting in late 1966) the Government began recording and retaining VIN related information pertaining to vehicle production, specifically the vehicle shipper report.


The compilation of the shipper report data was federally mandated and the rule of the law was satisfied initially by the FBI and later managed for compilation by the National Automobile Theft Bureau (NATB). Both the NATB and its 1992 successor National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) gained access to the mandated shipper report information through a relationship with the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).


In 1992 the role of Government contractor NATB rolled into the new "NICB" which was a merger of the NATB and the Insurance Crime Prevention Institute (ICPI) and like many government programs this meant that the role and the data base of the old NATB had now been privatized.   In this new capacity the newly formed NICB acted as the subcontractor/clearinghouse to the US Government for law enforcement and such records are and were technically records clearly subject to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.


Seemingly there is always a common link between privatization actions and the start of data leaks…


In this case the leaks were on classic car information shipper reports directly from the brand new NICB originating from the data base that the NICB maintains that it has access to (Exhibit B) and researches data from it to create data determinations and reach statistical conclusions.


This is the root US Government operated NCIC database of course.



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NICB Story with Amplifying Notation

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